develops shareholder value through the strategic management of a historically productive mine found in the Golden Triangle, the location of the upper BC stretch of the gold rush.

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The historical mine consists of 

patented property claims covering approximately 50 hectares, and another

 unpatented claims covering an additional approximate 25 hectares.


With accessible road infrastructure and the ability to have a year-round work program, OPV’s project is advantaged by the location within Alaska.

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With a combined century of experience in developing successful mining companies and over $650M in combined capital raised, OPV is not this team’s first rodeo. The synergies of their professional experiences will continue their trends of developing strong shareholder-centric projects.



Tyler Ross has 20 years of capital market experience in every stage of business development, from inception through to exit. He has worked with many successful public companies, most recently Prime Mining and American Lithium, primarily in the fields of financing, marketing and investor relations. Previously, Tyler worked for Fission Energy (sold to Denison Mines for $80M), Fission Uranium and Fronteer Gold Inc., which went on to sell its asset to Newmont Mining for $2.5B.



Edward Kruchkowski is a geologist with over 46 years of experience in the Stewart area. He has a BSc in Geology from the University of Alberta (1973), and is a registered professional geologist with both APEGA and APEGBC. He has worked in most areas of Canada, Southwest US, Mexico, South America and Russia. He has also been involved in numerous mineral showings and mineral deposit discoveries throughout Canada.



Andrew Bowering is a venture capitalist with 30 years of operational experience and leadership in mineral exploration and development worldwide and having raised over $500M in capital for a variety of projects. He has founded, funded, and built teams operating in pursuit of precious, base and industrial metals from early exploration through to production. He is also the owner and founder of Sunrise Drilling Ltd. and has owned and operated drilling companies for over 20 years.



Randolph Kasum is the manager of Kasum Tractor Ltd - a heavy equipment company specializing in road construction and mineral exploration. He has had over 28 years of experience in road construction for mining and exploration companies in the Stewart area, coordinating all active road construction and drill pad construction on various company projects. He is also responsible for all of the TSX related filings involving audits, material changes, and press releases.

The Golden Triangle has proven itself with over 130M oz of gold already having been found in the area, with minimal exploration. As OPV brings modern mining and exploration techniques, we expect to have only scratched the surface of our 75 hectare property’s resources.

The Golden Triangle is located near Stewart, upper BC, and had been a prospectors’ hub even before Canada became an official country.


multiple gold rushes

In 1861, the Stikine Gold Rush started with the discovery of gold at the confluence of the Stikine and Anuk Rivers, drawing more than 800 prospectors from Victoria in search of their fortunes.

A few years later would see the discovery of BC’s largest ever gold nugget – weighing in at 73oz – during an even more significant gold rush just north of the Cassar region.

The Klondike Gold Rush would also spread an offshoot into BC with the Atlin Gold Rush, found just north of the Golden Triangle.



Premier Gold Mine
“One of the greatest silver and gold mines in the world” according to Christian Science Monitor, Premier Gold Mine started operations in 1918. Within two years, the company that owned is returned as much as 200% on the stock market between 1921 and 1923.

Snip Mine
Originally discovered in 1964 by Cominco, it wasn’t until 1986 with a drilling joint venture with Delaware Resources that the resource went into operation. Murray Pezim’s Prime Resources later bought out Delaware when the stock ran from $1 to %28 a share. Snip produced approximately 1M oz of gold between 1991 and 1999, at an average grade of 27.5 g/t Au.

Eskay Creek

Eskay Creek was discovered in 1988 with graded resources at 27.2g/t Au and 30.2g/t Ag over 208m. Eskay would go on to become Canada’s highest-grade gold mine at 3M+oz of gold, and the world’s fifth largest silver producer at 160M oz of silver. Stikine Resources’ share price consequently went from $1 to $67 a share, before being bought out by International Corona.


Though the Golden Triangle projects were highly lucrative and extremely high grade, the late 90s found gold prices lowering beyond project feasibility. With the lack of infrastructure at the time, costs for power, labor and logistics for the Golden Triangle were prohibitively high, causing projects to eventually be shut down despite continued ore production.


The minimized focus in the area since the 90s then becomes a major opportunity for Optimum Ventures.

OPV Property.png

Optimum Ventures' Harry Project is located in the Skeena Mining Division of northern BC (~30km northwest of Stewart), covering a series of gossans located along the old Granduc Mining Road as well as straddling the Salmon River Glacier. It is ideally located for infrastructure, with the new Granduc Road being located just uphill from the project. The Property is fruthermore found north of the Scottie Gold Mine, as well as various other gold/silver deposits within the mineralized corridors, such as Premier, Big Missouri, Silver Coin, Martha Ellen and Mt. Dilworth.

Past exploration through 12 adits had previously searched for silver-rich vein mineralization, as indicated by adjoining silver mining properties.
In September 2020, the "Milestone", a gossanous zone, was discovered in the northern part of the project, as exposed by glacial meltback. The Milestone showed coarse gold, running 7.86 oz/ton gold across a 2.0m width. A grab sample from the Milestone showing ran 45.3 ounces/ton gold (1,553 g/t) and 18.7 ounce/ton silver (642 g/t), with a 1m sub-sample taken across the zone running 15.7 oz/ton gold.

7.86 oz/ton gold showing

The property also indicates the potential for hosting VMS-type mineralization, as well as having yielded highly anomalous gold and gold-arsenic geochemical samples from along the ice edge, old workings and along the old Granduc road. 

Gossanous surroundings - Milestone showing


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The Golden Triangle project is incredibly promising, with historically high-grade resources found despite the 90s exploration dormancy and lack of modern mining techniques. Things have changed, with gold running bullishly, and far improved mining technologies and regional infrastructure.

Optimum Ventures has the funding, technical expertise and capital markets experience to bring this project to its full potential, and views the past projects as just the beginning.